There is a new tool for parents and educators to use in the fight for transparency in our schools. As most parents are aware, it can be pretty difficult to keep up with what is happening at their child's school.  As the workload increases, the faculty has a hard time knowing what is happening with the day to day management outside their class. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), as citizens we all have the right to government records. Meaning the public has the ability to obtain a wide range of information and data including our public schools.

For example, did you know you can order the personnel file for a school principal or superintendent? Where are funds being allocated to? What took place at the last several board meetings and what communications took place behind the scenes? You can also request the school’s credit card statements and their budgetary expenditures. Sometimes video surveillance can be obtained. Interested in emails to and from a public school employee within a certain time and/or a certain keyword? You can access those records. It’s not always easy to do and oftentimes the school districts delay.

That is where we can help.  At EduFOIL we manage the process for you by not only requesting the information you require, but we also follow up and track your status.  Even though this can be tedious and time consuming, we here at EduFOIL are dedicated to providing transparency to our clients so that they are aware of how their tax dollars are being spent. We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our clients and helping them obtain school-based records they want or need.

All for a low price..

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