Frequently Asked Questions

Will I always get what I request?

Unfortunately no. There are many reasons why records officers could deny requests. Often times those denials could be overturned by appealing. EduFOIL will make attempts to appeal what appears to be an undue delay (included in price), but charges a fee ($29.95) for appeals. This price covers the cost of the EduFOIL team, reviewing your initial request and the denial, researching applicable case law to use in an appeal and write and send an appeal.  Should an appeal be denied as well, the customer can file an Article 78 on their own or hire an attorney.

How long does it take for me to obtain the records?

It depends on the requests, how long they take to obtain, review and redact privileged information. In every case, the records officer for the school district is required to acknowledge the request within give (5) business days. EduFOIL will share with you a personal online folder where it will host your files for you to check on the status and keep track of your requests.

Can I make requests anonymously?

Yes. When you make a request, the records officer notifies different school district employees of the request in order to start collecting records. Some customers are concerned about retaliation for making these requests. EduFOIL provides a service where we make the requests on your behalf. The school district records officer does not see your name.

Do I get a refund if I do not receive the records?

No. You are paying a small fee for EduFOIL team members to process, file and manage your requests. 

Is EduFOIL a non-profit?


Does EduFOIL publish a public copy of the records that are furnished for customers?

Currently no. We are discussing possibly having a section of the site that we use to share documents obtained. We believe that although all documents furnished should be available to all members of the public, we leave it to the discretion of the customer making the request.